April 2004

Honeyberry – Lonicera kamchatka 


Origin: Siberia







Looking out this morning at all the snow (yes, I know it's April), it seems like spring will never arrive. So I decided that a plant used to the cold might be in order. The Honeyberry is related to the honeysuckle. However, unlike the honeysuckle, this small tree produces edible blue berry-like fruit usually in early summer. Hardy to zones 3 to 9, the Honeyberry originates from Siberia.

Disease-resistant and fairly easy to grown, the Honeyberry does well in partial shade. To ensure good fruit production, a male and female plant should be grown in proximity to each other. The Honeyberry will start the spring with lovely white flowers before producing sweet edible berries (hence the name).

For a hot weather pick-me-up, try this nifty salad recipe:

Honeyberry Salad