February 2002


Variegated Sedum – Sedum Alboroseum mediovariegatum

Origin:  USA


This Sedum hybrid will definitely get you in the mood for Valentines Day. Why? Because butterflies love this plant! It's a new variation of an old standard perennial groundcover.

 The striking variegated leaves with large creamy centers edged in green are attractive by themselves but in the late Summer, fresh pink flowers open up in 2 – 4 inch clusters, attracting butterflies by the dozen. Urban tolerant, Variegated Sedum is fairly easy to grow. It is not picky about soil type although it does best in full sun (except in the South, where it should be grown in partial sun) in moist, well-drained soils. It can also be used as complementary plant with other perennials in raised planters, strawberry jars, rock gardens or wall overhangs.

 Sedum translates as "to sit or hold fast", which probably refers to its vigorous root formation. The semi-evergreen leaves turn bronze in late Fall and sit tight until the following Spring. A member of the Crassulaceae or Orpine family, Variegated Sedum has no diseases or pests of significance and will do well in zones 3 – 10.

 One final tip for getting your Sedum to flower more profusely. Mature plants that are under a moderate amount of stress will produce more blooms. In other words, those plants that have it "good" in terms of soil, moisture, and nutrition tend to have predominately lush vegetative growth rather than reproductive growth (flowering). I would recommend winding down the fertilizing by early to mid-Summer.     

 So why not share the love with some Variegated Sedum?