January 2004

Tangerine Pimiento- Capsicum annuum


Origin: South America



"Isn't a pimiento just a pickled piece of red bell pepper? Since they usually travel in the company of olives, I stay away from them!" (Recently overheard quote from the condiment aisle of my local grocery store.)

On the contrary, the flesh of the pimiento (which is the Spanish word for "pepper") is sweet, succulent and more aromatic than the red bell pepper. The tangerine variety produces 2 to 3 inch round lobed fruits, which are delicious eaten fresh out of hand. As an added bonus, this vigorous plant is lovely in a container or garden. The peppers look like miniature tangerines as they ripen and should be harvested when they reach a lovely orange color.

The Tangerine Pimiento does well in the full sun and should be watered as needed. It is early maturing at around 75 to 80 days. Why not brighten up the winter months for you and your pets with several growing in your windowsill?         


Have a prosperous and good growing 2004!