Bolivian Rainbow Chile Pepper – Capsicum frutescens


Origin: South America




These versatile veggies are definitely for the birds! In addition to being rich in vitamins A & C, peppers have been recognized as containing digestive aids, anti-inflammatory properties, and arthritic relief.

Grown for centuries in Bolivia, the plants have attractive purple foliage and work well as a unique container or landscape plant . Bolivian Rainbows are everbearing, which means that they will keep on producing tiny (one-half inch), tear-drop shaped fruit that turns from a brilliant purple to yellow to red when ripe. These peppers are searingly hot but their heat doesn't bother birds as it would mammals. Easy to grow, they love hot, sunny weather and bright light ( a sunny windowsill will work). Keep them well- watered.

I have grown Bolivian Rainbows dwarfed in four inch containers and on up to full size (two to three feet) in one gallon containers. No matter what size, they have consistently produced lots and lots of peppers. My birds love them!