Waimanolo Papaya- Carica papaya

Origin: Hawaii






This fruiting papaya has a single slender trunk, which is patterned by the scars of shed leaves like a palm tree. From the top sprout large and very ornate leaves, making it a neat and compact feature plant in a container. The Waimanolo is a low-bearing variety that produces fruit when four to five feet in height. Fruitation occurs within a year or two. The fruit hangs in clusters around the trunk with the largest at the bottom and the smaller fruit higher up. These sweet flavored fruits can grow up to two pounds and the delicious, juicy flesh can be eaten raw, cooked or blenderized into drinks.    

The papaya is a true tropical plant. It loves warm weather and bright light. When the danger of frost is past, I will "summer" my papayas outside so they can benefit from the increased temperatures and light. In the winter, I find a sunny southern location where the temperature does not drop below 50 degrees F. Daily misting is important and water as needed when the soil is dry down " from the surface.  The frequency is dependant on the temperature. I will fertilize organically on a weekly basis during the warmer months and drop back to once monthly from December through March.

Any animal which eats fruits will enjoy sampling the delicious Waimanolo Papaya.