September 2003


Chrysanthemum or

 Garden Mum – Dendranthema grandiflorum


Origin: China





Cultivated in China since 500 BC, chrysanthemums were not only prized for their beauty but also as a food.  The petals are traditionally the part consumed, either in a revitalizing tea or as an ingredient of a garden salad. Only the base of the petal is bitter and should be removed before consuming.

Throughout the years, the garden mum has been mentioned in historical records. In Victorian times, the red chrysanthemum was a symbol of love, while the white signified truth and the yellow mums implied slighted love.

Chrysanthemums bloom in late summer and fall, providing a much-needed boost of color to the garden. Hardy to zone 5, they can be grown in containers, boarders, rock gardens or anywhere else the imagination takes them.

These bright perennials grow best in full sun, preferring rich, moist, well-drained soil and benefit from regular organic fertilization. Easy to grow, chrysanthemums will give you a lovely edible show for many weeks when other flowering plants have long since faded away.